Programme Outline

Swim For All is an adapted physical activity inclusive swim programme for young people with disabilities. The programme is devised based on individual needs, abilities, and goals where participants are offered one-on-one or group instruction depending on the swimmers needs.

Programme Aims

  1. To highlight the importance of physical activity among people with disabilities
  2. To provide an opportunity for people with disabilities to become more physically active through swimming
  3. To further develop their swimming ability enabling them to reach their personal potential


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Swim For All (Video)


Partner Support

This programme is supported by students from the IT Tralee Health & Leisure programme, local disability providers, physiotherapists and parents/guardians.

There has been an incredible transformation in my two boys. One boy has gone from not wanting to get his face wet to swimming under water without fear! The other boy has learned how to swim away form the edge of the pool with confidence! Both boys have Autism Spectrum Disorder and have individual needs but this inclusion helps both of them together and leaves me smiling.

Even his school are impressed with the progress as they both have to attend the six week school swim programme. We can now go as a family to the pool and actually enjoy it.

These swim lessons are very important and essential to parents like me. At one of the lessons one of my boys was very anxious and his head would not allow him to participate. Other parents watched him and I must say I felt OK and quite secure because most parents at the pool understood and my boy or I was not judged and he was not labelled as a bold child. That is why INCLUSION FOR ALL is so important and I do hope this programme continues for other children with needs

Kathleen LeahyParticipant Parent


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