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Welcome to the “Let’s Get Kerry Cycling” Getting started | Handy Tips!

Get Kerry Cycling

…journey to a new beginning!

Cycle for Well being | Cycle for Fitness | Cycle for Lifestyle| Cycle for our Environment

6 Cycling Tips for Beginners

  • Don’t over do your ride. Keep it short to begin with.
  • Be comfortable. There is nothing worse than a poor saddle that’s too high | too low | too hard | too soft
  • If possible take water | money | phone on your ride
  • We are riding in Kerry. It does rain! You just might be glad of a waterproof coat or jacket.
  • A good bike lock. You don’t want your pride and joy to go missing while you are enjoying that well deserved coffee!
  • Build up your confidence on quiet roads or bicycle paths.

Getting Started

Questions to ask oneself:

Can I cycle?

•Do you feel well enough to be able to cycle a short distance from your house?

• Is it safe to do so in the area you wish to cycle?

• Does one know how to use the bike? (If borrowing one from a family member within your household)

• Please only cycle within distances recommended by current HSE / Government guidelines

• Is the bicycle in good working order? Check out the next section below

Is your bike ready?

• Check the bicycle is in good working order – see the ‘M’ check and learn about bike parts on “here”

• Make sure that your tyre pressure is correct (pressure is displayed on the tyre wall) | Handlebars and Saddle are secure | Brakes are working well | That lights on your bike work

• Check that wheels are secure and all bolts or skewers are tight

Cycling safely:

• Adhere to the normal rules of the road when cycling and observe ‘Yield’ or ‘Stop’ signs and be aware of junctions and hidden entrances

• Practice social distancing – (while Covid19 advice is still in place)

• Be seen – Wear bright coloured clothing or ideally, hi-viz clothing

• Be safe – Make sure lights are working and you are wearing a helmet

• Be prepared – have your charged mobile phone with you

• Children should always cycle under adult supervision and wear a helmet at all times

Adhere to current good practice:

• Keep a minimum 2metre distance from other pedestrians or cyclists

• Practice coughing and sneezing etiquette, using a tissue or into the elbow if you do not have a tissue and wash hands immediately on return from cycle –

• Clean down handlebars and seat of bike

• Dispose of all used tissues / cleaning wipes etc in the bin


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