Goals and Objectives

1Goal 1: Participation

To increase overall participation levels in sport and physical activity in County Kerry.



1.1. To foster the development of lifelong activities across a range of population groups.

1.2. To enable low-participation groups and disadvantaged populations to partake in

        sport and physical activity.

1.3. To support the sport sector in increasing and sustaining membership and participation


1.4. To empower communities to provide opportunities for participation in a variety of

       local programmes and events.

1.5. To support schools in providing a diverse range of opportunities for participation in

       sport and physical activity.

1.6. To promote linkage between clubs, schools and communities.

2Goal 2: Partnership & Governance

To further develop the combined potential of stakeholders and providers in realising our vision


2.1.  To further develop working partnerships and collaboration with our partner agencies.

2.2. To explore commonality and potential for strategic engagement with other stakeholders

        in the County.

2.3. To engage with national bodies of sport and physical activity in the delivery of our

       programmes and initiatives.

2.4. To support the professional development of existing staff and expansion of the

        staffing complement.

2.5. To develop a well resourced and managed organisation that operates in accordance

        with the Governance Code.

3Goal 3: Profile

To raise awareness of the remit, role and relevance of Kerry Recreation and Sports Partnership.


3.1. To communicate effectively with partner agencies, external stakeholders,

        key providers and the general public.

3.2. To carry out and publish regular reviews and research to monitor and measure

         our progress and impact.