About Us

KRSP Logo- with SI Tagline

Kerry Recreation & Sports Partnership (KRSP) was established in response to the Sport Ireland’s (SI) Local Sports Partnership national initiative. SI viewed the Local Sports Partnership network as a means to developing and delivering sport and physical activity at a local level.

Kerry Local Sports Partnership was formally recognised in December 2003 to achieve these objectives in Kerry. In April 2011 Kerry Local Sports Partnership rebranded and launched under a new name “Kerry Recreation & Sports Partnership” to reflect the Partnership’s focus on recreational activity as well as on mainstream sports.

The Partnership structure is made up of representatives from a variety of agencies and communities within Kerry, and operates as a sub-structure of the Kerry County Development Board.

What we do

We encourage, promote and support the people of Kerry to participate in sport and physical activity, providing information and training, and implementing, coordinating and supporting a wide variety of programmes, activities and initiatives across the county. We seek to develop a pro-active culture towards active living.

How we do it

KRSP works in partnership with Sport Ireland, local agencies and sporting organisations to facilitate and lead opportunities for people to participate in sport and physical activity in County Kerry.  Through consultation with organisations and individuals, both at local and national level, the needs of and opportunities for the people of Kerry are discussed.  As a result we develop, co-ordinate, and jointly deliver and support programmes, courses and activities for individuals, organisations and communities.

Who can participate

Everyone in Kerry has the right to participate in sport and physical activity.  In particular we will focus on encouraging increases in levels of participation amongst specific target groups:

Older Adults


People with a Disability

Community based initiatives

This work is carried out in many different and diverse settings.