Let’s Get Kerry Cycling- Challenge Week 3

  • Wk 3 - Cycle in club or county colours

Welcome to Week 3 – In association with Kerry Recreation and Sports Partnership

Welcome to the “Let’s Get Kerry Cycling” weekly challenge post

Get Kerry Cycling

The Journey to a new beginning

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Theme: Let’s Get Kerry Cycling – Take a cycle wearing your favourite club or county colours

Special prize for week 3 – Win a signed Kerry shirt!

For our third week we’re cycling in our favourite club or county colours

1.Undertake a cycle within your limitations (5 to 10 km or further) around your local area or to your local sports park. Cycle from a suitable location on your own, with a friend or a member of your family.

2. Undertake just two cycles to:  Shop | Post Office | Supermarket | Work place | (don’t forget your bike lock!)

3. Undertake two cycles to visit a Friend | Family member

Special prize for week 3 – Win a signed Kerry shirt!

You will have the full week (Friday 17 July to Thursday 23 July) to complete this task. Best of luck!

Take a photo and tell us about your rides. Was it easy or hard? Was the weather nice? Did you feel good after it? Did you ride solo or with a friend or family member?

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